You Just Won a Major Department Store Account. Now What?

Part II of the internship application for Grupo Gallegos.screen-shot-2016-12-31-at-1-46-55-pm


Why Anna Would Make a Great Intern at Grupo Gallegos

Dear Grupo Gallegos:

Why would I make a great intern? Here are a few words from people I’ve worked with at CSUF through class projects and executive board involvement for Leadership Scholars.

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Tommy Hilfiger Global Marketing Campaign Spring/Summer 2013


Classy, little booklet. Toot toot. Now where are my Sperry’s?

The other day I received this mailer back in February and it struck me, direct mail still has a powerful effect. There are three people in my household with American Express cards, yet I was the only one who received this piece. Obviously, I fit into one of their segments. Female, mid-twenties, has made purchases at luxury retailers within the past 12 months, subscribes to Vogue. The mailer was a classy booklet with key pieces from their collection showing descriptions andpricing. Like a mini-catalog. Also included a 25% off a $100 purchase or more coupon card for their new Beverly Hills location (must be an AMEX purchase of course). 

Not long after, while catching up on the March Vogue issue, I saw a six page spread for the same campaign. Curiosity piqued, I went online to find out more. What did I find? The brand’s first digital webisode featuring the really neat boat, the campaign’s characters, music by Estelle, and of course, the clothes. Check the video below, and read the press release here: Tommy Hilfiger Announces Global Spring 2013 Ad Campaign.

Most noteworthy, the company mentions the following about its marketing strategy:

“the Spring 2013 webisode marks a move towards a significant boost in digital marketing for the brand, with investments in the digital space more than doubling since Fall 2012.”

Other mediums included in the campaign are print, outdoor and social media.

And this post my friends, is the essence of why I’m so in love with marketing. You start out with a product, idea, or service. Their creators want you, the marketer, to then go out and share a story with the world. Move people in a way that makes them believe in it. Make them buy into a vision, a message, a purpose….or function. Armed with big data and endless web tools, you pick your segments and target them. That’s influence to the core. For corporations, it leads to cash. For non-profits, it means supporters. So what can you conclude?

Marketing is a very powerful job with social responsibility implications.

And that’s something fashion marketers should especially know.

Which character are you?